wedding photo shoot
Put your wedding photo shoot in the hands of a professional wedding photographer, because the most beautiful day of your life has to be perfect.

It’s important to choose a professional photographer, that is capable to catch your feelings and emotions of this special day and to create beautiful pictures for you to have as a memory for ever.
Often there are no second chances as a destination wedding photographer, because the bride and groom live abroad and only come few days for their wedding. But even if it would be possible to retake the pictures an other day, the atmosphere and feeling would not be the same as on the wedding day.

wedding photos shoot

Furthermore the experience is very important to make a proper wedding photo shoot. I have been shooting wedding for many years in Italy. I started preparing myself in important photography schools and I have obtained recognition as Qualified Italian Photographer e Qualified European Photographer.

Apart from the experience, sensitivity and empathy is very important to perceive the characters and desires of the bride and groom.

In the last years I have worked as:
Wedding photographer in Venice
Wedding photographer in Treviso
Wedding photographer in Pordenone
Wedding photographer in Verona
Wedding photographer in Milano
Wedding photographer at the Garda Lake
Wedding photographer at the Como Lake
and in many other cities of Italy.

wedding photos shoots
I’m a storyteller. My specialty is to represent the Wedding like a story, following the couple all the day. From the first preparations, to the ceremony, the party and the games with family and friends.
My aim is to create a final wedding album that tells a story full of love and passion.

In the postproduction after the wedding photo shoot, I carefully pick the pictures, keeping attentions to details. The satisfaction of the bride and groom has to be big and every picture has to be perfect and full of emotions.

wedding photo shoots

Furthermore than wedding photo shoots I also shoot pre weddings and elopements. Get in touch with me for your wedding photo shoot.