I was looking forward to meet J&K , I remember I was so excited! We had long conversations before we met…. so many options….we can go to France or Germany or Switzerland… at the end they decided to stay in Italy and I organized make up artists and transfer for Milan, Parma and Venice for their pre wedding photos. A wonderful couple and a wonderful experience, we stayed together for two full days , we saw beautiful places and I enjoyed every moment of our trip. I was impressed about their energy, after a long trip from Hong Kong to Italy,  they seemed not to be tired! We took many pictures , K had five clothes and she wanted to wear all of them… she was so beautiful!

We started our photographic trip in Milan, Piazza Duomo and Castello Sforzesco. J&K love castles so we went also to Torrechiara Castle and then Parma town. The day later we woke up so early for the pre wedding shooting in Venice, sunrise was the magic word for the photos in Venice, wonderful light and few people for a couple of hours… it seemed something magical should happened… for me every place was magic with them, everything was perfect, light, feeling between them and with them, they were both beautiful and very happy!  I can’t stop being grateful to this wonderful couple for choosing me for their pre wedding photos, thank you!